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Price list
Hair extensions :
hair extentions(human hair)                                      price on consultation.
human hair clip ins                                                        from £55.00
synthetic hair pieces                                                    from:£30.00
individual hair flashes                                                   from:£4.50
 colour promo
half head £50 new clients mention website on booking
Quality human hair extentions to create volume and thickness to any hair type (maintenance is required with this process)
cut & finish long hair                                                  from:£28.50
Short hair cut & finish                                                from: £16.00
blow dry short hair                                                       from:£15.00
wet cut  long hair.                                                        from:£16.50
Permanent Straigtening                                           consultation only
semi-permanent straightening                                 consultation only

Hair conditioning Treatment.                       from         £10.00
Brazilian blow-dry:
have you ever wished your hair was more manageable, softer, smoother and was more shiny, then why not try our keratin smoothing system, a fantastic system, which infuses keratin deep into the cuticle of your hair, it eliminates up to 95% of frizz, it will give your hair a smoother and shinier finish.

Colouring :
roots tint.                                                                       from:£24.00
full/head Tint.                                                              From £30.00
Full head long.                                                               from. £49.50
hi-lights t-section                                                          from:£28.50
hi-lights half head                                                          from:£50.00
hi-lighs full head                                                             from:£65.00
colour correction                                                  consultation only

Under 5s                                                                          from:£7.50
Childrens' styling                                                              from:£11.50

gents cut                                                                            from £10.00
gents wash and cut                                                               £14.50
Mini facial - half hour(ideal for those just starting facials)   from:£28.50
anti-aging - 1 hour(,tone,steam and collagon masks used)                 from:£32.50
aromatheriphy - 50 min(cleanse tone steam and used. Totally relaxing)  from:£48.00
Crystal Clear  £45.00 

Swedish massage 
female only
Full body :£45.00
Relaxation massage       
Full body :  £50.00
Half body :  £24.00
A truly indulgent relaxation massage , to pamper yourself ,from head to toe using aromatherapy oils.
Stress away your day for a light to medium massage.
Ideal for those clients that haven't had before .
Great as a gift ,for that special person .
Female therapist 
Add a mini facial to for just £15 surcharge ,please mention on time of booking .
Hot stone massage 
Full body  £45.00
Why not try a soothing hot stone massage ,this massage uses heated stones,and are placed on the body .
The heat is deeply relaxing ,and it helps to warm up tight muscles.many years back hot stones were used  to treat aching muscles,some salons call it (lava stones) .
This massage requires skill and sensitivity on the therapist part.
The stones are placed on key parts of the body ,it eases away tension,reduces muscle stiffness,and increases circulation and metabolism .
A very natural treatment.

Tanning: Ergoline lay down high pressure bed courses available 60 mins £50 also 75 mins £85.00
Bed 1 ergoline 500 
9 mins
12 mins
15 mins
18 mins
£1 per min unless on a course
Ergoline 800 
Bed 2 
6 mins 
9 mins and 12 mins 

 Spray tanning £30
8 shades to choose from B.Gorgeous solution 

 nail treatments : 
all nail products used are O.P.I, a famously selective product, here at Definitions we are an authorised O.P.I salon.
full set acrylic nails clear - inc. one colour polish          £28.00
full set acrylic nails pink and white                                   £39.00
infill clear only                                                             from:£24.00
shellac nails                                                                  from:£25.00
shellac toes                                                                  from:£35.00 inc pedi 
manicure                                                                        from:£26.50
mini manicure                                                                from:£15.00
- when your having your colour why no try a mini manicure while your colour is taking, ask your stylist.
pedicure - inc. varnishing                                             from  £29.50
mini pedicure                                                                  from:£15.00
artworking                                                                     extra charge
3D nail art NEW                                                            extra charge 
full leg                                                                         from:£30.00
half leg                                                                        from:£24.50
bikini wax                                                                    from:£15.50
under arms                                                                  from:£14.50
full arms                                                                      from:£25.00
wax                                                                                  from:£9.50
total reshape                                                               from:£11.00
tint(brown/ blue black/ black)                               from:£12.00
Eyebrow shape & tint £16 when having both done at the same time.
striplashes                                                             from:£11.50
semi-perminant lashes                                         from:£75.00
infill                                                                       from:£28.00
tinting                                                                   from:£12.50
the insertion of a fine needle into the hair follicle to the hair root. a small electrical current is applied to prevent further . please note this is a gradual treatment, as there will be still active follicles present, re-growth will still take place. a new needle is used for every treatment.
5 mins                                                                £9.50
10 mins                                                               £16
20 mins                                                               £28
30 mins                                                               £37
45 mins                                                               £48
                         Pamper promotion £50.00
as a special treat why not treat someone to one of our pamper days,
which include:
- wella treatment plus a wash cut and finish 
- mini manicure
- eye brow shape plus tint 
Very popular booking is advised on this promotion ..
All major taken.
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